Home Project Manager

Get to feeling underwhelmed

Hi, I'm Lexi. I can help you get "it" done.

Applying my experience as a solutions engineer to home project management and adept at operating in volatile, unknown, changing, and ambiguous contexts.

I help get you to next-level efficiency so you can live more presently instead of thinking of what needs to get done next. All you need to do is show up — and I take care of the rest.


Let's check some things off of your todo list!

Sustainability Projects

  • Baseline Sustainability review

  • Carbon tracking

  • Waste audit

  • Solar installation

  • Rain water catchment system

  • Simple swap purchasing review (e.g. Paper towels, toilet paper, etc)

  • Vehicle Comparison

  • Carbon offset / REC purchase

Personal Organization

  • Setup workout schedules

  • Research and schedule personal training sessions

  • Research and schedule massage  and/ or physical therapy sessions.

  • Schedule therapy appointments

  • Organize recurring personal services and appointments

  • Find doctors and dentists in your network and book appointments

  • Support for execution of personal projects

  • Research restaurant and bar recommendations

  • Retreat booking, travel planning

  • Sourcing best deals for everyday expenses e.g. insurances

  • Set-up/coordination of important date reminders

  • Social media set-up or update

  • Entertainment, theater, concert ticket purchasing

Home Projects

  • Research vendors and contractors and collect estimates/quotes

  • Outsource and coordinate service, like hiring a cleaning service, handyman, or plumber

  • “Welcome Home” Package - filling the fridge, mail collection, plant care, laundry, etc. (available in Denver only)

  • Research and ongoing support for small to large home projects

  • Home events coordination

  • Compare and purchase any item (ex: running shoes to refrigerators)

  • Finding, vetting and confirming up your pet care and house sitter


Relocation Support

  • Source quotes and manage relocation services

  • Coordinate a packing and unpacking service

  • Arrange entry and exit cleaning and/or gardening services

  • Coordinate laundry, meals, groceries during move

  • Arrange storage facilities

  • Coordinate handyman and other services or deliveries

  • Service connections and mail redirection

Family Organization

  • Event planning for birthdays, anniversaries, gatherings of any size

  • Date night planning

  • Help plan and shop for the holidays

  • Book family appointments and photoshoots

  • Research short or long term childcare solutions

  • Find activities for your kids and keep their schedule current

  • Coordinate vendors for special occasions

  • Hotel and travel booking

  • Set up private car, limo, or van service

  • Have your meals and/or groceries bought and delivered

  • Purchase, wrapping, and deliver presents

  • Research and buy gifts for your friends and family this holiday season



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